Barb Goffman – “Whose Wine Is It Anyway?”

A neglectful boss. A replacement who's a hussy. And a single day left to teach some lessons. Will Myra prevail on her final day as a law firm secretary? Or will her plans leave her a legal loser?


Teresa Inge – “Love the Wine You're With”  

Jules Riley has three things on her mind: Plan the Virginia Beach Wine Festival; rekindle a romance with her ex-boyfriend, a hot local musician; and keep her younger sister Em sober. But when Em shows up late to the Festival after an all night drinking binge and serves an appetizer to a portly vintner, who collapses near Jules' ex, she must pick up the pieces of her life after being accused of the vintner's murder. 


Kristin Kisska – “Wine and Prejudice”

When her diamond bracelet goes missing at her bridal shower, the bride-to-be suspects several of her sorority sisters stole it. But history reveals the real thief.


Jayne Ormerod – “Life is a Cabernet”

Randa Miller had been lured to the Mahjongg Maniacs convention by the promise of wine. Thankfully, there is plenty of it, as she’s found it’s the only thing that can calm her nerves after discovering a dead body.


Maria Hudgins – “Name Your Poison”

“Doc Toxic” is the poison expert at a big Mystery Writer’s Conference. All those purveyors of literary homicide need his expertise to make their evil deeds chemically accurate. But he never expected to be standing at the munchies table, drinking wine, when his companion, Victor Madsen, falls down dead. The symptoms spell “Cyanide” and Doc Toxic, unfortunately, has a ready supply of cyanide in his lecture room. Was the room locked? Did someone steal it?

Victor has just finished moderating a very strange panel and all the panelists look like suspects. It takes a little old cozy writer to help the good doctor solve the mystery.


Lyn Brittan – “A Little Thunder in Smithfield”

When bitter Lorilee crosses paths with her obnoxiously proper stepmother, the battle lines of World War III are drawn in a church going, tea sipping, wine guzzling town, deep in the heart of Dixie.


Douglas Lutz – “Wyld Women and Wine”

Middle school teacher Kelli needs an intervention to forget about her latest loser boyfriend. With the help of two friends, she embarks on a relaxing weekend at the beach in Cape Charles, Virginia. Plans change, however, when the girls stumble into a true-life mystery involving Blackbeard’s lost treasure of wine!


Alan Orloff – “World’s Greatest”

For avid mystery fan Dorothy Peters, the highlight of the Crime Roast Mystery Convention is the costume banquet where attendees come as their favorite fictional sleuth. But during dinner, the power suddenly goes out, plunging the dining room into darkness. When the lights come back on, bestselling author—and renowned jerk—Clayton Starr is found face down in his entrée, steak knife in his back. A murderer is in their midst! Dorothy, dressed as Sherlock Holmes, seizes the moment and challenges nemesis Shirley Grimmons—also dressed as the world’s greatest detective—to a “sleuth-off.” May the best Holmes win!


Heather Weidner – “Par for the Course”

Business mogul Mona McKinley Scarborough doesn’t take no for an answer. When she’s not successful at convincing her granddaughter, Amanda, to make the right choice – to join the family’s winery, she plans a day of golf at an exclusive course as a chance to draw them closer together. Their chat reveals some deadly secrets, and they learn that the grape may not fall far from the vine.


Debbiann Holmes – “Waiting on Wine”

What should have been one of the most exciting assignments that Secilla has had in her career turns into a nightmare of events that leaves her wondering if she will make it through the day alive. Like waiting on wine to ferment to the best flavor and potency, an unexpected interview ripens to a whole new level in this suspenseful mystery. 


Betsy Ashton – “Midnight in the Church of the Holy Grape”

When Ryan convinces his reluctant wife, Lucy, to accompany him to a winter solstice event at his New Age/Neo Druid church, the Church of the Holy Grape, he promises an evening dedicated to food and wine. Neither was prepared for the night's activities to go horribly off-script.


Jim Jackson and Tina Whittle – “And Wine to Make Glad the Heart”

A rowdy dart game at a Southern soirée. A passel of Civil War letters that may or may not be authentic. A tennis-shoe wearing septuagenarian with her family's reputation on the line. It's a mystery that brings together financial crimes consultant Seamus McCree and Confederate gun shop owner Tai Randolph, who join forces to uncover the truth.


Maggie King – “Wine, Women, and Wrong”

Tommy Bradshaw has two items on his bucket list: to solve a murder mystery and to marry Camille Pettit. Fat chance of either happening. Then, when Camille attends a wine-tasting fundraiser and the wine merchant is found in the parking lot, impaled by a hunting knife, Tommy gets his chance to play one of the Hardy Boys. In the process of finding the stabber, Tommy is besieged by women: the glamorous and sexy oenophile who’s hell-bent on seducing him; and the cop who would love to woo him away from Camille. And Tommy finds that detecting isn’t as easy as it is in books.


Nancy Naigle – “Blown Away”

People remember stuff like missing cases of $10,000 wine, and Pirates Cove Marina has just learned that revenge is an obsession that has no expiration date. 


Rosemary Shomaker – “Home Tour Havoc”

You'll never think of a Homearama in the same way again! “Home Tour Havoc” tells behind-the-scenes secrets of a fictional home tour. Hostesses staff the Home Builders Ballyhoo model homes as attendees enjoy the splendor. Designers and VIPs abound. Once Olivia Morris insists on seeing a certain quatrefoil window, however, the decor and decorum of the event is spoiled – by a murder. Bruce the Bulldog helps Olivia sort the sordid details.


Jenny Sparks – “Cobblestones and Cabernet”

Ellie Lucas is a social worker with a quiet life. But, someone has started leaving gifts on her front porch. Someone who knows too much about her.


Ken Wingate – “Friday’s Jewelry”

Friday's jewelry is a special set of jewelry with a life-changing secret. Zoey’s grandmother gave the set to her on her eighteenth birthday. When the set suddenly goes missing, Zoey enlists her life-long friend Skyler to help her solve the case of the missing jewelry.